bap: *does something stupid*

jongup: *stares at the camera like hes in the office*


Vixx are tupperwares and Ken is that one for which you can never find a lid that fits right


It’s weird that pirates would go from shore to shore looking for buried treasure when the real treasure was in the friendships they were making


would u rather have siwon lay u on a table and cover u in nacho cheese and make a cross on ur stomach w tortilla chips while saying the lord’s prayer or sit in a hot car with chad future for an hour while he explains to u how ur a racist and why can’t he be a kpop star bc he’s white and he hasn’t brushed his teeth in 49 hours?



Adam Ferriss 

Artist on Tumblr

Adam Ferriss is a photographer and digital media artist based in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to his artistic practice, Adam runs the photography labs at Otis College of Art and Design. His most recent projects involve creating tri-chromatic color separation photographs and algorithmically restructuring pixel array data.


being really into history is cooler than being into math or science… someone who likes math and science is called a “math nerd” or a “science geek” but someone who likes history is called a “history buff” because of their strong, sensual arms

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